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East Taunton Kenpo Karate opened in January of 2001 and has been growing steadily. We provide training in self-confidence, physical fitness and self-defense through the principals of Kenpo Karate.

Kenpo, as taught by Shihan Michael O’Handley, incorporates the rules and principals of motion as they apply to Kenpo Karate and Jujitsu. Self-defense is achieved through the use of verbal commands, physical impacting, striking, locking, joint manipulation and throws with an end result of escape, disarming and/or restraining. East Taunton Kenpo Karate also teaches students the use of traditional weapons as an extension of their body. This includes bo, nunchuk, sai sword and broadsword.

Classes include physical fitness and conditioning to develop the body, empty hand and weapons forms to develop the mind through focus, self-defense techniques using principals of motion to develop self-confidence. Freestyle and tournament sparring in a controlled environment. Please feel free to stop by and visit us during our normal business hours or contact us for further information.

What is Kenpo?

Kenpo is a style of Karate developed in the west. The only difference between Kenpo and Kempo is in the translation of the Kanji to its English form. The words Kenpo and Kempo are both pronounced the same and both mean "Law of the Fist." However, the more "traditional" forms of Kempo use the "Kempo" form, while the more non-traditional modern or contemporary versions use the term "Kenpo."

Kenpo is a martial art that teaches self-defense and self-control through three primary methods: self-defense techniques, forms, and sparring. However, Kenpo diverges from traditional Karate in several important respects. Students are encouraged to change and adapt the techniques. Kenpo emphasizes vital point attacks using punches, strikes and kicks. Throws are also important in Kenpo.

Self-defense techniques help Kenpo students develop their skills by allowing them to practice with different threatening situations and experiment with what-if scenarios. Initially, forms and katas help students to develop mental concentration and mental discipline. As they progress, the forms and katas help them to develop self-awareness and self-expression. Kumite (also known as freestyle or sparring) is an exercise in which students test their skills, self-confidence, and self-control in a friendly competition among other classmates. It gives students the opportunity to develop their reflexes and timing in a controlled environment while engaging in a sport activity.

Kenpo also teaches students how to use weapons to increase their understanding of self-defense. In Kenpo, defense against knives and clubs are taught from the yellow belt and up. Weapon training often begins at the green belt level, although some schools restrict it to those of the black belt level and higher.

The Kenpo style strives to maintain a balance between "martial" and "art." The "martial" aspect is expressed by effective efficient self-defense concepts and techniques. The "art" is expressed by creativity, self-expression, and presentation of form.

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